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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles


Meek, D. R. (2020, June). Dinner table syndrome: A phenomenological study of deaf individuals’ experiences with inaccessible communicationThe Qualitative Report, 25(6), 1676-1694.


Musyoka, M. M., Gentry, M. A., & Meek, D. R. (2017, June). Perceptions of teachers’ preparedness to teach deaf and hard

of hearing students with additional disabilities: A qualitative case study. Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities.

Other Publications


Meek, D. R., Cue, K. R., & Wolsey, J. A. (2020, Fall). Experiences of doctoral deaf education students with virtual learning in american sign language. ReDeafining Academic Collaboration, 1(1), 32-55. 

Meek, D. R., (2020, Spring). Is your child challenged academically during the summer?

Pawsitive Reflections & Resources, 26-27. 


Meek, D. R., (2018, April). Dinner table dialogue. ReDeafining Academic Collaboration.

Meek, D. R., (2017, June). Dinner dialogues build language. The Endeavor, 7-11.

Wolsey, J. A., Pudans-Smith, K., and the Lamar University Cognition in Context (CnC)

Team. (2016, March 7). Language production and perception: What every parent of a deaf

child should know about language. ADVANCE for Speech and Hearing.

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